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Strange Symptom Change,any Ideas?

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Hey folks,just been experiencing an odd change in my symptoms the last few weeks and wondering if anyone here has had similar, so my history is.. not POTS but instead just low blood pressure(POTS minus the T),my heart rate stays steady enough,but BP drops low,standing or sitting,Dr unsure why,also I have alot of difficulty breathing which all seems to be related to a history of neck injuries.

So the last few weeks my BP has been near normal(yay!) it's about 100/50 to 110/65,which is great for me!,breathing is still a problem though,as always.The strange thing is,I have been feeling really weak,and my resting heart rate,which is usually about 72-83 is changing a lot (65-85),no idea why but it seems to happen after meals(particularly fatty ones!),

I would not pay this much attention but I can be left feeling so weak I can barely think straight,and I am back to loosing weight again.(Dr. had me on medical weight gain high calorie drinks because I was gone so low)

I'm 31,male and first developed symptoms at 26,I would just go to my family Doc,but this stuff is over his head,and I won't see my neuro till Feb.

Anyone has this symptom,unusually good BP,lower than normal HR and feeling weak as a kitten?

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Hey Mike, afraid I don't really have any ideas for you, but wanted to say (belatedly) sorry you're having a hard time. It can be so frustrating to feel worse, and then have to wait to get some answers.
My POTS sounds like pretty much the polar opposite of yours (bp tends to be relatively normal, but lots of heart rate variations), but I do have trouble after meals with being weak and tired, even when my bp is fine. It's helped some to eat smaller meals more often, but I don't know if that works for you given the issues with losing weight.

I've definitely had it where my bp is good and heart rate is lower than usual…anytime my heart rate is lower than usual, I immediately have more trouble with weakness, breathlessness, etc, but sounds like your situation is somewhat more complicated.
Sorry I don't have very many ideas…just hope you feel better, and hang in there!

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I have the weight issue since autonomic problems started. Lost 30 pounds rapidly. I have gained back about 10 but struggle to maintain. Due to everything causing severe migraines there is very little I can eat. I hope your neuro can help. It does seem that symptoms fluctuate and change.

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