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Eye Strain & Headaches

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Currently I am experiencing horrible dry eyes, uncomfortable eyes you name it! I can even hear my own eyes when I blink!! I have been using eye drops and doing eye baths almost everyday and the relief is only often for a half an hour or so. I find my eyes get much more easily strained looking at the tv or a tablet too which can get rather uncomfortableness.

Recently I've also noticed a lot more of what I would call like a light mizzle/fuzzy appearance at everything I look at which is more noticeable in the day time or looking at a blank wall. I'm not sure whether this would be classed as blurry vision or not but I wonder whether the eye dryness has a lot to do with it!

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Oh I forgot to add I suffer daily from varying headaches but eye strain/tension ones are primarily present no matter how much i try to get rid of them. Glasses or no glasses.

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