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Low Agap Level In Blood Work--Cause For Concern?


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Hello all!

I was reviewing some lab results I got back today and noticed by AGAP (anion gap) levels were low. The dr (not my normal dr; just saw me in urgent care) who ordered the tests didn't call to say anything about it, but I noticed that all my past blood work shows low AGAP. The normal range listed is 10mmol/L-20mmol/L. My result has been was 7mmol/L. The only info I could find on the internet was that high AGAP is a concern for people who are diabetic. If its any help, my c02 was also high, but only by 1 unit (forget what unit of measurement is used there..)

I like to do a teeny bit of research before going in and suggesting my dr "missed" something. However, she does not really have much knowledge on the ins and outs of POTS and I have pointed stuff out to her regularly and/or made connections for her ( ex: pain in legs => just started taking florinef=>low potassium) :rolleyes:

Does anyone have any insight on this or know where to find reliable info?

Also: does this warrant me pointing it out to her? Should I just trust that if my doc hasn't mentioned anything, it's okay?

i am a pots newbie, clearly :wacko:

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If you are on florinef, your doctor needs to be monitoring your potassium levels. If my memory serves me right it can mess up those electrolyte levels. Some people need more potassium when taking this medication. Be sure to talk to your doctor about this and hopefully she will monitor those levels. You might do a search on Florinif on the forum. There were some post made about this medication and maybe some articles. My son is off this medication right now but may have to go back on it.

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