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Doctors in Michigan?


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I was just wondering if anyone knows any good doctors in Michigan that treat POTS? My cardio doc really isn't taking me seriously and it seems like a lot of the time when I am having a POTS problem he will just tell me to go see my family doc who knows nothing about POTS. I am getting really frustrated because every time I go to see a doctor they refer me to someone else and I never get any answers. I have been sick pretty much nonstop since Christmas and no one can give me any good answer or help. So if anyone know a good doc that treats POTS in Michigan I would really appreciate it if you'd let me know!! By the way, has anyone been on Indural? My family doctor just put me on it to try and prevent migraines and also because I have been so tachy, but it is making my bp very low.

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From DINET's physcian's listing, there are these two doctors:


Dr. Sid Gilman

Department of Neurology

University of Michigan

1500 E. Medical Center Drive

Ann Arbor, MI 48109


PAF/Secondary Autonomic Disorders, MSA

Have plans to develop an autonomic laboratory

Dr. Felix Rogers

2205 Riverside Drive

Trenton, MI 48183


POTS, NCS, PAF/Secondary Autonomic Failure, MSA

you may see the full listing at:


You may find additional listings of docs who specialize in ANS issues at:





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I am seeing a cardiologist- Dr. Ching Man. He is a heart rhythm disorders specialist. I was referred to him when my first cardiologist felt overwhelmed with me. He seems to know a lot about autonomic disorders. He works at the Northpoint Heart Center in Berkley, Michigan. I had to be referred to him though after I wore a cardiac event monitor.

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I don't think Sid Gliman treats POTS...I think he is more into MSA. I've seen Dr. Russell at UofM. He tested me for everything under the sun when I went to see him. I think I talked to Dr. Rogers on the phone awhile back...(if I'm remembering the right doctor) he seemed nice, but I've never personally seen him as a patient.

Here's Dr. Russell's contact info:

Dr. James Russell

4410 Kresge III

200 Zina Pitcher

Ann Arbor, MI 48109


If you've been to UofM, he's in the Taubman Center. He used to have a really nice resident working for him, Ryan Kaplan, but he moved on.

Best wishes,


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I am seeing a dr at the mayo clinic in rochester mn.......dr low is a neurologist who specializes in autonaumic dysfunction.......he really seems to know his stuff.....I had been to see every dr in the area (north dakota) and nobody was able to put a finger on my problem.....i seen dr low one time and he put me on the tilt table and done a few other tests and he diagnosed me ......I dont know how far rochester is from you but it sure was worth the nine hour drive for my family.....

good luck

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