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Anybody Heard Of A Device Called "scenar"?


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Thanks for the link, Katybug!

That sounds extremely promising, to be honest!

It does actually treat autonomic disregulations

AND it works by stimulating the cutaneous C nerve fibers - which are in fact those fibers many of us are diagnosed with having damage to them.

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Don't know yet - but it seems to be available in most countries.

I was told that there is a version for the use by medical professionists and one for "private use". The latter is said to be smaller, not so strong and cheaper.

However, I haven't found any info about costs yet.

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As far as I understood it, this device is both a diagnostic and a therapeutic Instrument.

It should be able to detect, whether the ANS is on overdrive (and in that case calm it down) or is running to low and then stimulate it.

It's main purpose is to create autonomic balance, where this is out of balance.

I am so curious for my first treatment - but will only believe all that when I feel any improvement.

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I rented a professional scenar device for one month and he showed me how to use it took him 3 hours to explain it and I used it multiple times a day. It did not help me, but i cant say if it would be beneficial to anyone else.

I have been having luck using the intergetix core rife system throuh naturopathiic doctor she has been helping me with this device more than anything i have ever tried. Google it if your interested.

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Had my first scenar-treatment session today.

Interesting experience, the feeling was actually calming and very pleasant.

Afterwards I felt fresh and powerful, but it seemed to wean off after 2-3 hours.

However, the therapist told me he isn't really sure he can help me and in case of a chronic autonomic condition it may take up to 10 treatments to see it's full effect. However, after 2-3 sessions a clear and stable effect should be there. I will give it a try.

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Status report after one week of scenar use:
It didn't do any "miracles", but some effects are:

- A kind of better "general feeling", difficult to describe. More energy, less fatigue, not so often feeling of "jelly legs". Yesterday I went
for a walk for 40 minutes - couldn't do that for half a year.

- Definitely less pain in my legs. Both in general as well as after being upright (including sitting).

- The moons on my fingernails are coming back! This is of course nothing that improves my quality of life - however, it is a surprise and I
guess (hope) it should mean something, as the moons disappeared when my worst POTS flare started last summer.

So, scenar is surely no "fast miracle cure". But at least for me it shows (positive) effects. I will continue to treat myself with it.

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