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Unusual Episode Today

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I discovered something unusual today. Over the years I've had minor bouts of fatigue that would come on suddenly or would feel like the flu. Well, I actually slept better than usual last night & felt more rested upon awakening. I made breakfast, still feeling relatively good, sat down to make some phone calls thinking I would get a lot accomplished today. FIrst call was to my insurance company & after navigating the "robot prompts" I reached a live person. The call got a bit complicated with technical details & the rep & I had a difficult time understanding each other. Within 10 minutes I crashed. I went from feeling pretty good to feeling like I was coming down with the worst flu ever. I don't think I've ever experienced such a sudden crash probably just due to frustration. In the past I would have these flu like symptoms but they would never develop into the flu. I believed they were immune related. Now I realize these were probably just autonomic crashes. Does anyone have any thoughts or insight? It was vey weird.

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Hello there, Very interesting topic! Way before autonomic issues... when I would get very upset and cry I would run a fever. One of my daughters does this too. Fast forward to 2010...and the autonomic diagnosis. Talking on the phone for some reason is very stressful for me and I often begin to feel terrible doing just that.

I do have a mast cell disorder diagnosis from one doctor and learned that any stress at all can trigger the release of mast cells. I however didn't really improve with antihistamines and can't really tolerate medications very well so I don't really know if that is what happens when I get upset or not. I have read others say they cannot tolerate much emotional change good or bad and I am like that as well.

All this has led me to believe something autoimmune is going on.

Just know I have had this reaction also. I really try hard not to get to wound up...lots of warm...not hot bathes...deep breathing....

I believe this has an influence on my migraines as well. Hang in there! At least a good nights sleep!!!

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I can go from good to bad pretty fast sometimes, too. It seems to be brought on from stress. Even the smallest amount of stress can make me go from feeling pretty good to dizzy, fatigued, and just feeling "off". This doesn't always happen when I'm stressed, but it does enough to be a real annoyance. I do get that flu like feeling too- achy, extreme fatigue, etc.

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