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Depression Setting In...


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My symptoms were getting a lot better the last few years but this year they took a turn for the worst and are now worse than ever! In addition to the fast hr, brain fog & leg cramps, I have also developed very scary episodes when sleeping where I quit breathing and wake up in a panic attack. I'm also getting these very quick and intense dizzy spells that come out of no where..I literally just had one in the bathtub and thought "oh no, they're gonna find me naked!" Maybe i'll find that funny later..

So I'm not getting any sleep and I'm feeling worse..this is leading to depression..my husband is a trucker and only home a few days a month (a week tops)..being sick and alone just makes it all that much worse. Feel like I'm batteling this solo and I'm just worn out!

Don't really have a question. Just needed to vent I guess. Not many people understand!

Sorry for all the negativity :) I can't help feeling like its so unfair to be dealing with this..selfish I know.

On another note, I hope you have all been well! :)

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Hi. We all need to vent occasionally. As for the sleep incidents, have you had a sleep study to test for sleep apnea? If you have apnea, I know many people get a lot of relief from CPAP treatment for that. Not getting proper sleep can cause all kinds of problems. Keep your chin up!

P.S. Was the bathwater warm or hot? That's generally a no no for POTSies as warm/hot water dilates our blood vessels and lowers bp.

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I haven't yet, but I have a doc appointment this week and am requesting one. Praying for some relief. I can deal with the other symptoms, but take my sleep away and things get ugly lol

It was a hot bath, I know it's bad! It is just always so tempting because I have such a hard time keeping my body temp up..I'm one of the very few that love the heat and have been known to take my portable heater everywhere..The cold / winter on the other hand causes major flare ups for me. Our bodies are just so weird! :)

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I hope that your appointment is productive, and they get you going in the right direction.

I know what the sleep episodes feel like. I have had some nasty spells with that. Fortunately, I have not had that problem in some time. I hope that yours does like mine did and leaves. The no sleep made everything much worse, and it became an ugly cycle. Once the cycle broke, and I was able to get sleep, I returned to baseline.

For me the more tired I became, the more trouble I had with my sleep problems.

Typically I am not a fainter, though I have. A hot bath is not an option for me. I had a hard time giving hot baths and showers up.

I do not do well in the cold either. The heat gives me grief to. I am always looing for just right.

This will turn back around for you, so keep your head up. I know that it is tough.

Good luck.

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I know how you feel. For me, it's so hard not to vent to the people close to me every time I talk to them! Especially those you don't see or talk to often. I sometimes find myself thinking, "ok, how many times have I complained about my POTS symptoms around this person?!"

It's so hard to be "invisibly" sick and not want to be a downer all the time. POTS is truly debilitating in that sense. The best thing I've been doing to keep my spirits up is to treat myself to things that make me feel good: a fresh haircut, going out to coffee to read a book/draw in my sketchbook, a quick outing to the craft supply store, etc.

I can totally relate to feeling like this dx is unfair. The hardest thing for me to deal with is the upkeep--there are so many things I need to do to keep my POTS "happy" and it feels very overwhelming. I often think, what did I do to deserve this?! The fact that it is also an "invisible" syndrome is also very hard. I wear a medical bracelet, which helps it become more visible to others, which has helped my spirits a lot! Not that I want people to feel bad for me! I just want others to have a sense of understanding when I have to sit down all the time, for example.

good luck at your dr appointment! :lol:

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I am so sorry you are feeling down. I think we can all relate to that!

I had to giggle at the naked comment though. I had some severe pain tonight and all I could think of was, " oh no! My hair is a mess! I can't go to the ER like this! It is always good to keep a sense of humor around.

I have also had those quit breathing in the middle of the night things. Very scary. I did a sleep test but the doc gave me something to help me sleep and so I slept like a baby the whole night. If you do that test, I would suggest trying not to take anything so they get more of a natural idea of what you are experiencing. Luckily, mine have disappeared. Knock on wood.

God bless.

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