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dear em, thanks for thinking of me, i have been lurking and reading only on occasion as things aren't going the best, ie. nausea, severe headaches, neck pain, dizziness, lightheaded and balance along with trouble walking. i pushed to hard earilier this week and am paying dearly for it now. very tired, painful and all around POTSY. B)

one good thing, on wednesday, last day of school for my kids, my son got a national academics award. very cool for us, suprise for him. got a 85% on his tests and also a 4.0 gpa. i'm so proud. between that morning and half a dozen appointments(monday thru thursday) i'm bushed.

thanks for thinking of me,


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Guest tearose

Hi blackwolf,

easy does it as you rebuild yourself!

What wonderful news! You should feel pride.

I am glad the school year is finished for you...we are in the home stretch here and I will try to not backslide into the pots abyss.

See you 'round,


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hello proud mommy blackwolf!

so sorry that you are so darn POTsy...i am too if that helps any? in the hole with you keeping you company. thank goodness for the joys that keep us going...like your kiddos and that great academic achievment...

check in every once in a while and let us know how you are if you can...but otherwise, as we are all so wisely instructed here: TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF, MY DEAR.


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