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Determined To Find A Way

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Hi all,

I had written out a post in draft form, but felt it was so whining and depressive, I couldn't bare to post it!

I've been living with POTS for many years, unknowingly. My diagnoses was vasavagal syncope, but the symptoms are POTS to a T!

My worst symptom is probably the constant (every waking moment) urge to lay down and sleep.This seems to cause a lot of pain in my upper trap muscles, an almost constant headache, blurred vision, and general muscle ache in my upper body.

The lack of blood around my brain/neck/shoulders also hits me with brain fog near continuously, setting back my career, stopping my from learning all the things I want to learn in life.

Waking up, getting up, going to work and staying there all day doing my best work is a real struggle - I've left nearly every job I've ever had because of it. I just get to the point where I can't move, or think, and have to give up.

I'm determined to make things better. I'm at a point in my life where I'm looking to move in with my wonderful girlfriend, get a more senior role in a new company, and live more comfortably financially - many changes which I do fear may not happen if I can't start to feel better with POTS.

I've increased water/salt intake, helping slightly with parasympathetic activation on getting up, but nothing major. My next step is to increase B12 consumption, and take electrolyte supplements (sodium, magnesium etc).

I've also started weight training - very gradually. I can now do 75+ bodyweight squats, and I'm beginning push ups and sit ups. My theory is better functioning muscles will help circulation and lessen blood pooling.

I'm almost always warm - I can't get cool enough to feel comfortable. I often wear moisture wicking, cooling material (Airism from Uniqlo), but can't every day. It absolutely affects my symptoms, so if anyone could advise any other ways to keep cooler, I'd really appreciate it!

I'm sorry for the whinge - I don't want to be downbeat with this. I'm becoming more and more determined to not let this get in the way of my impending 'life upgrade' - and I'm incredibly grateful to have a community like this for support!

Thank you all,


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Hi Matt, welcome to the forum! I'm sorry you're struggling and hope that reading through our website and forum will get you back on track. I hope you'll find this forum helpful, feel free to ask any questions you have. At least we all know how you feel! I like your attitude!

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Hey Matt,

you know your own body better than anyone,but from personnel experience I would be careful with working out when you are suffering with neck pain,I am convinced that's exactly what what made me sick,a theory which it would appear was confirmed last month,see post here....


We all seem to have different histories,and not saying my case is anything like yours,but as someone who's first ER visit came after collapsing in a weight room I just want to say be careful buddy,my Doc tells me swimming is a great workout,good for circulation, and puts very little stress on your joints(and neck!).

you know what's best for you,just my two cents.

Good luck with getting the improvements you want,seems like you got the right attitude!

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Hi Matt! Welcome! Is it possible to have a small desk fan at work? I have found that even that little bit of a breeze helps my temperature issues. I also find that putting an ice pack on the back of my neck helps my migraines and to cool me down (I think it cools the blood as it goes to my brain...just a theory based on no scientific fact but that's what it feels like.) I have also been known to steap a very thin ice pack around my torso under my clothes when I had to be out in the heat but needed to mask having an ice pack on. In my bedroom I'm finding a cool mist humidifier is working well. It's cool and keeps the air in my room circulating and helps with my miserably dry skin which seems to go with my constant battle with dehydration.

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