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I was wondering if anyone here has a confirmed diagnosis of mastocytosis. I have read a lot about it on-line and I would just like to know more about it from someone who actually has it. I was diagnosed with POTS almost 3 years ago. Then in February I found out that I have severe osteoporosis (I'm 44yrs and I haven't gone through menopause and the doctors don't think that it's drug induced). Shortly after that I was "unofficially" diagnosed with Meniere's disease after experiencing several episdoes of vertigo. Now I'm undergoing a series of tests to figure out what's causing my osteoporosis. My doctors suspect mastocystosis.

Any firsthand input would be greatly appreciated.



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I have mastocytosis. Just give me a hairbrush or a tree. I take allegra and ativan, plus creams for it. I had premature mrnopause. I have osteoarthritis, but they aren't connected. This is truly one of the most annoying parts of this syndrome. It pops up EVERYWHERE, and it itches and itches. Luck Miriam B)

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