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compression socks

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I was wondering, I wear compression stockings, and they drive me nuts, with there sliding down!!

I am wondering do they make just like compression socks? that just go up to like your ankles or something, and it they do, and the compression socks as efective as the hose?

thanks :)

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yes, the make compression socks too (my friend Lloyd calls them his "ugly socks"), but they're way less effective than stockings. Have you tried the ones that are more like panty hose??? Those have never fallen down while I'm wearing them.

I use Ames Walker... but there are other brands.


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hi, thanks for the info, I will look into the panty hose, maybe those will be beter then what I am using now.

maybe now I wont feel like one of those little old ladies constantly pulling up on her thigh high and adjusting her bra strap!!!! HAHA!

thanks again

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Diz, actually, the pantyhose style is much harder to get on your body...I always feel like I've just been to the gym. I've been told that using rubber gloves helps in getting them up on on, but I've yet to try.


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yeah, when I got the thigh high stockings, they use rubber gloves, to show me how to get them on, wrinkle free... they are a pain in the rear, but I still might look into getting them.

Thanks nina!

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Dizzygirl, it sounds like the thigh highs you have might not be the right size for you (or perhaps the right manufacturer). I got lucky in that the first (thigh high) brand I tried, Mediven, were just right ... and they never ever slip down. But I've tried other brands too and they haven't worked out for the reason you describe. So it's hard, and it's trial and error. There's another post on this topic where people said what their height and weight was--and what brand/size they like. Perhaps someone will fit your profile and can suggest something for you. (Or you can post your info here, on this string.)

Also, I started out with Mediven knee highs (to the ankle, by the way, would do nothing for you... the blood's not pooling in your feet!), which felt great ... but I figured if those felt good, compression through the thigh would feel even better, and it does! And all the medical literature recommended thigh high or higher, 30-40 mmHg compression.

Slippage is super annoying ... maybe to the waist would work for you too. (I bought a pair of Juzos; thanks Emily, who thinks I'm a chicken ...I tried putting them on and it was so hard and my foot got a humongous cramp in it (OW!) and I gave up. So they're in the drawer...



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