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Dr. Hsieh @ Cc?


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Yes, I saw him in June - he is an allergy specialist, but he may handle other immunological issues, too. I thought he was very pleasant and thorough. I saw him after a freak allergic reaction to either aspirin or old nasal saline this past March. I didn't see him got POTS specifically. He was pretty straight-forward and ordered me an aspirin tolerance test which I was able to do the same day. He also had me do a spirometry breathing test beforehand since I have mild, allergic asthma. I asked him about testing for food allergies, but I couldn't test that the same day with the aspirin challenge test. He was a very nice doctor and he even stopped in to check on me during the test, which took about 2-3 hours. You are in good hands, Darlene. :0)

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