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Hormonal Testing and Compounding


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Hello Everyone;

Roughly a month ago I wrote about my doctors wanting my blood tested to see where my hormone levels were. With dysautonomia being an imbalance of the autonomic nervous system both my internist and GYN thought it would be wise to make sure that all natural hormone levels, in my system, were in balance. It was found that I did have low levels of estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone, especially since I had a hysterectomy. BUT, they also found that my thyroid and insulin levels were off as well.

These results were sent to a pharmacist that specializes in hormonal compounding. He made up creams for me to use because I am very sensitive to new medications and have difficulty with side effects.

I have now been on my hormonal compounding lotion for one week and I can already feel a great difference. I have NOT had to nap during the day all week. I also have much more energy. After the following week, and when I am feeling that my body is used to the new levels the pharmacy will give me the thyroid cream to add. This way I am not introducing all at once and I can tell what I would have reactions to.

The reason I feel excited to share this with all of you is because, since my big dysautonomia crash in December, I am starting to feel a little better. I am hoping to feel back to my old self some day soon. There are some things that work for one person but may not work for another. This type of testing is usually covered under insurance.

I want to share this with the hope that you might benefit from this type of testing also. Treating Dysautonomia is a balancing act. It would stand to reason to try to balance as much as you can within your entire system.

My internist didn't know a great deal about Dysautonomia. Now, with constant questions I give to him, I have noticed that he does do research about tests or treatments and discusses them with me. There have been many suggestions I have brought to his attention from here.

My GYN has been suggesting Hormonal Compounding to his patients for several years. But, it doesn't only include the reproductive hormones. It involved insulin, thyroid, cortisol and adrenilin also. All the hormones work together and work off eachother to help the body work properly.

With my experience with this I hope this is one path someone suffering with Dysautonomia might want to look into. As always, I believe in discussing the benefits of any testing with your own physician.

Thanks for listening;

KathyP :)

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Kathy, I am a little leary of having my hormones played it, but figured it couldn't get much worse. I have an appt. in the am with someone who also specializes in this area. I figure it's at least worth a try, if only to get some labs done that haven't been, although I sometimes think that couldn't be possible :) anyway, I am also going to try a cream. Do you remember that I was talking about the doctor that charges a kajiion dollars for this? Well I am seeing an ARNP and it's all above board and a HECK of lot cheaper. I will let you know how my experience goes also. I am very interested to see what it does to my autonomic systems. morgan

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Guest tearose

Thanks for sharing the news Kathy!

Hey morgan, ask tomorrow! I don't miss the monthly swings from hormone malfunctions!!! Doing the testosterone creme was a big help in leveling me out and getting rid of my pots swings! Just go ahead and ask! You won't get masculine like the old tales spoke of! You may feel better and it is easy to try.


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