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Positive Tilt confirms NCS diagnosis

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I'm happy - my husband passed out today during his Tilt Table Test. He was diagnosed in 2002 with NCS even though his TTT was negative. It has always been a concern to other doctors and I must admit to me as to whether the diagnosis was correct. I have been worried that some other disease or structural problem of the heart was causing his syncope (as if this isn't bad enough). We recently had a consultation with a new neurologist and he was also unsure of the diagnosis so he ordered more testing and also referred us to a new EP Cardiologist which lead to the new TTT.

Following is an article in Medscape that talks about a new methodology for TTT (I have posted the conclusion and the link). Hopefully this will make the test more readily available. My husband did have the nitrate testing but he had the longer version of the test.

Diagnostic Value of Nitrate Stimulated Tilt Testing Without Preceding Passive Tilt in Patients with Suspected Vasovagal Syncope and a Healthy Control Group


Nitrate stimulated tilt testing, without a preceding passive tilt phase, and limited to a test duration of 15 minutes, provides an accurate, sensitive and specific method to provoke vasovagal reactions in subjects with clinically suspected vasovagal syncope. This new methodology of nitrate tilt testing provides a practical and easy-to-perform method of eliciting a diagnosis of vasovagal syncope. By reducing the cumbersome nature of the test, its availability and usage may be increased, thereby providing a positive contribution to the current management of patients with syncope.


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