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Cooling Towel


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Has anyone tried a cooling towel like "Arctic Chill" or "Frog Toggs" etc. to help keep their body temp down in hot/warm conditions? I was considering trying one since it is inexpensive and I had a few people suggest I try it. I dont expect a miracle from a towel lol but if it helps keep me more comfortable that would be worth it. Temperature regulation is a huge issue for me and I get hot so easily. I'd love to know what opinions of these towels anyone may have. Thanks!

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I have the "Mission" cooling towels which you can get at bed, bath, and beyond or on HSN.com. They do definitely keep you cooler. Like you said it's not a miracle but it helps for sure. They really do stay cooler than the ambient temperature. I don't know about the other brands. Make sure you read the instructions. For my towels, you wet them, wring them out, then you have to snap them three times to activate something in the fabric.

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