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NEWBIE-Hey I was just told i got POTS 2day


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Hey every1,

I just found this site when looking up POTS which according to the HORRIBLE tilt test and specialists etc etc I got. And until today I've never heard of it,but the whole thing kinda makes sence and they finaly found out what's wrong wif me after thousands of negative tests so I'm not mad after all lol

Well n e thats heaps 2 much bout me............

So what's this forum thing jst 4 ppl 2 talk n stuff??

Hmm hope some1 replyies hehe oh bi the way my name's Gittel and i'm from Australia so yea :-D

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Welcome Gittel,

I am also pretty new here, not diagnosed with POTS per se, but with Dysautonomia, I have most of the symptoms that are listed and it is tough finding someone to treat this syndrome! Have your Dr.s come up with a treatment plan for you?

This is a great site full of supportive people who give support, lend ideas/suggestions, are just plain there when you need them. Welcome again.

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Welcome. This forum is for people to discuss and ask questions about their autonomic problems.

If you have not already read through the main forum, I strongly suggest reading up as it will help you to understand what's going on with your body.


also, check out the pinned topic called "help yourself"


Lastly, you might consider downloading a free book on dysautonomias, including POTS, which is available on NDRF's website as a PDF download.


Again, welcome to the forum and I hope you find answers and help here.

Nina :)

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Welcome Gittel. All of the links that Nina provided you are a great resource of info. If you still have questions (and most of us usually do) feel free to post them. Make sure you read up on the basic things you can do to ease your symptoms, such as drink plenty of water, use celtic sea salt or salt tabs, balance your electrolytes with Gatorade or other similar drink, try compression hose, stay away from alchohol and sugars, eat small meals, etc.

You will find so many helpful and supportive people here. Glad you found us. :)


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It took me a while to fill in all the missing letters, Gittel, to figure out your question! Many of us are old enough to still spell "people" with all its vowels! :)

I think we range from about 18 to about 60. That's a guess. There are a good number of people here who do not speak English as a first language.

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Just wanted to add my little welcome! Hope you'll find the support and suggestions that you need! I think Merrill's guestimate on our age range is pretty close -- I'm 21.

What activity level are you at right now? Are you able to attend school or work?

Welcome again!


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Hi Gittel,

Welcome to the forum! I think that you'll find lots of help here--and I know that you'll find lots of friendly people. :unsure:

I was in my freshman year of high school when I got POTS in September 2001. I was homeschooled in my sophomore and junior years; I was homebound because I was so ill. It took until August 2003 before I was diagnosed. Now, I'm doing so well and am getting my life back. I just completed my second semester of college and started my first job this week. I'll be working 20 hours/week and will be going away to college in the fall.

Although medications work for some people, I found that my body couldn't tolerate them. I take nutritional supplements; my mom is a nutritionist, so it has been wonderful having her expertise on hand. My symptoms have ranged from a high heart rate and low blood pressure to tremors and numbness, to episodes of paralysis.

Email me if you want to talk!


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