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Does anyone notice time of day when POTS symptoms are worse.

Does this match HR

If HR differs with times, does lying and standing rates both go up (or down) or just one of the two.

Last question, if time of day, are you on a RX that could be wearing of or starting to work.

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Hi potluck,

There are times in the day when I'm usually feeling a bit better than at other times. Afternoons and early evening is my best time. The worst time is definately the morning and I can have some pretty rocky nights.

It doesn't really match hr rate as I can have high hr on exertion or just sitting or lying at any time. if I'm standing up or walking it's all going to be harder. I had a lot of racing heart last night every time I woke, just after posting last night that racing heart, when it comes to sleep time, only happens when I'm dropping off to sleep and wakes me up. The gods must have read that post and decided to change things around a bit - again. grrrrr!

And my meds are spaced 6 hourly at the moment. So no changes there -- nothing wearing off or kicking in etc.


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I start the morning in one of two ways. Mostly, I start with chest pains and a feeling of being over stimulated. I can go the other way, and feel "depressed" (not emotionally). I would have a lot of trouble breathing etc. Occasionally my HR is higher, but usually it is the slowest HR of the day. Regardless, I do not feel especially well in the mornings.

Mid day my HR is highest, and my orthostatic intolerance is at it's worse. It settles down, and I am at my best in the late afternoons and evenings. I will push it in the evenings, and it takes a bit to recover. Afterwards, it is my best part of the day.

There are always exceptions etc. This is my typical pattern however. It has noting to do with meds. It has been like this on and off any meds.

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