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0.25mg of caffine in me

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Hi all,

All day today i felt like crap. My girlfriend thought it would be good i book a day off work to stay with her at home and spend a day together, then she got a call from her boss and had to go to work, i was left alone. I went to town on my own and went into a few stores but felt very nervous and felt a panic attack coming on. Dizziness kicked in, then anxiety and the rest follows as it does. I went home, sat on the PC, ate some crisps and felt better. Then i cooked dinner and started feeling weired again and very scared, again i felt a panic attack coming. my G/F came home and i felt better, then she had a drink of RED SQUARE, alchol thats high in caffine, so i decided to have one to now that i felt better. I just felt it kick in, i can feel a bad bout of PVC's and Anxiety coming on, other symtoms will follow im sure of it. Im gonna drink alot of water and control my breathing, maybee a bit of yoga. This drinking needs to stop, im harming myself without knowing. I promise the world im not drinking again. I will update you all every day on my problem and how its doing, i will get through it.

0.25mg of caffine high??? Plus im now drinking coffee and i feel like crap

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I think your problem is the ALCOHOL in this 'vodka based energy' drink?? Didn't know they made such things until I typed it in a search engine.

Alcohol can make us feel TERRIBLY, INSTANTLY as it can lower BP and speed up HR.

I dont' know how much caffeine is in the drink but for most of us, the vasodilating factors of the booze would over ride the caffeine.

i can't do alcohol at ALL! Even one huge sip of a person's beer on an empty stomach and I can feel it in my toes in a couple of minutes.

Some of us are VERY SENSITIVE to such things...just my two cents...

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Guv, if you're going to try to quit alchohol, that means NONE. Not even in a so-called energy drink. In general, alchohol is a bad idea for people with autonomic problems.

Emedicine article on toxic effects of alcohol on the autonomic system, in particular, vagal response.


and, from the MERK Manual, section 15, chapter 195:


"Alcohol is absorbed into the blood, principally from the small intestine. It accumulates in blood because absorption is more rapid than oxidation and elimination. From 5 to 10% of ingested alcohol is excreted unchanged in urine, sweat, and expired air; the remainder is oxidized to CO2 and water at a rate of 5 to 10 mL/h (of absolute alcohol); each mL furnishes about 7 kcal. Chiefly, alcohol depresses the CNS: A blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 50 mg/dL (11 mmol/L) produces sedation or tranquility; 50 to 150 mg/dL (11 to 33 mmol/L), lack of coordination; 150 to 200 mg/dL (33 to 43 mmol/L), intoxication (delirium); and 300 to 400 mg/dL (65 to 87 mmol/L), unconsciousness (see also Table 170-2). BAC > 400 mg/dL (> 87 mmol/L) may be fatal. The legal BAC while driving is <= 100 mg/dL (<= 22 mmol/L) in most states, and intoxication is often defined as present at this level. Recent U.S. legislation threatens the loss of driving license to persons < 21 yr of age who have a BAC > 20 mg/dL (> 4.3 mmol/L). (In the USA, alcohol is prohibited to those < 21 yr.) BAC is rarely measured; it can be estimated from the amount in expired air."

The CNS (Central Nervous System) helps to mediate the Autonomic Nervous System. You've told us you have problems with alcohol a number of times, and, frankly, you need to get medical help because from this episode alone, it's clear you're still ingesting alcohol. This forum is NOT a substitute for alcohol treatment.

I also think that it will be harder for me feel badly about your situtation if you've not made the effort to take your drinking issue seriously enough to get help. It's no less serious than your autonomic problems, your panic problems, etc.

Please get help.


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That would explain my stomach problems that cause alot of pain, sometimes i cant do a number 2 and most the time its runny. Im going to quite it now, honest and ill update you all with a diary if im allowed. on how im doing, i have been feeling really rough over the past 6 months and thinking back i have been drinking quite a bit over then without knowing it, and it is causing harm now i can feel it, ill stick to water only, no tea, coffee or hot chocolate, i might limit myself to 1 tea in the morning. Ill update you all soon.


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Please do.

Know how sensitive I am to alcohol? I had a small taste of the Jack Daniels sauce at a TGIF restaurant a few months ago - and I mean, just a small amount. Sauce with alcohol in it... Couldn't be a whole lot, could it?

I was SO SICK afterwards, PVCs and arrythmias and the whole thing. I avoid alcohol like the poison it is to my system.

Stay off it. If you've been having trouble, get yourself some help.

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