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Intense pressure in my head


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I am having allot more headaches than normal. But different than a normal head ache, if I can explain it like that. It feels like pressure in my head. As if it is going to burst. I have also notice it makes me aggressive and very irritable. Totally out of character. Even in augments I am calm and loving. With this I become something I don?t know? I get nauseas and have chest pains. I normally remove myself from public and go and sleep it off. This is becoming more frequent. Should I be worried about the aggression and pressure in my head? I wonder if Iam not getting High sugar levels and not low sugar levels. What are the symptoms of high sugar levels?

Thank you for all your support. I just love this site. :lol:

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Hi Ling,

I can't say mine is with headaches but I do get the intense pressure in my head, feeling like it will burst. That goes along with when I am getting an episode and it usually includes other symptoms with it. I feel like the pressure will pop out my eyes :lol: , I think it is for me that is, my b/p going up, I could be wrong. Or maybe it is just the vessels constricting for whatever reason to much adrenaline, not enough, who knows.

Agression with it I don't have either, not that I noticed. I'm more scared during those attacks than anything else and keep to myself and try to find a safe place to ride the worst of it out.

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Hi Ling! I experience something that I think is similar to what you are describing. I am usually a very calm and level-headed person as well, rarely get angry. It has been happening for me occasionally as well, where I get a bad headache, nauseated, chest pain etc. ( comes on pretty quickly) and then feel really irritated and angry, and kind of lash out. For me, I have connected this with times when my BP soars. Now, when this starts to happen, I try to lay down right away until things start to regulate again. They usually happen if I am standing too long (making supper, cleaning up...) It is such a horrible feeling, isn't it? I kept thinking "what the heck is wrong with me!! This is just not how I behave!" You should talk to your doctor about this, and see if they want to check out your sugar levels just to be sure. Have you had them checked previously? Don't be too hard on yourself, your body is going through alot of re-adjusting with you going off of your meds. Laura

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Ling -

I've had those intense pressure headaches on and off ever since I got POTs last summer. They were really bad when i was first dx'd.

Sometimes it feels like a vacuum pressure. I can't tell if it feels like my head is going to implode or explode! :)

I also get those angry feelings of rage when the pressure headaches are really bad. I feel like everything is out of control and I feel overwhelmed. Luckily these feelings come in the middle of the night and I can't take them out on anyone! :)

I am always a very calm person too, so it's very disturbing when I feel like this. I have gotten more used to them though and accustomed to keeping those feelings in check. It's soooo very painful though. I think that's part of what is contributing to the feelings of anger. Luckily, I havne't had those headaches in a couple of months, knock on wood! :)

Just know that you're not alone.



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