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I Get Overheated Easily. Does Anyone Else?

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My church that I recently joined had a summer picnic today from 4 to 8 pm. It was all outside. There was a lot of shade though. I was okay for the first hour or so but by 5:30ish I about had enough. I was feeling lightheaded hot and weak. it was only 77 outside. I then started playing some games with people just laid back games ladder ball and bean bag toss. Then I went home at 7 because I was tired. I still feel worn out!!!! I was already really hot then when we came back to the house it is 76 in the kitchen and living room!!! my parents don't want the air on because they don't think its hot. so I am in the basement where it is cooler. I do have a air conditioner in my bedroom which I will use later. I hate being so sensitive to heat!!!! a gropu of my friends are going to a safari wildlife park this Saturday which I really want to go but they are staying for 5 hrs and it is going to be 82 degrees. I don't think I am going to go :/ I wish I wasn't so sensitive!!!!

On another subject I have my first job interview tomorrow. I am so nervous! I never had a job before and this is my first interview. I have to get up at 4 am to go somewhere before hand but I am working that lack of sleep will wear me down. I always feel sick when I don't get enough sleep. any tips on how to stay awake for all day tomorrow? I am not allowed to take naps because then I wont sleep that night. and I can't have caffeine.

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I go from one extreme to the other with temperature. It was very warm outside and I was sick, but then shivering three minutes later in the same heat, and wore long sleeves and a hoodie in church today. Just way out there with temp regulating. I go tomorrow to have a meeting with a surgeon about a mediport for Iv therapy to help me hydrate better (because I can only get about 48oz in me a day, and then I end up vomiting up most of it if I try to eat).

Good luck on your interview! I just finished my schooling for transcription, and have a six month course to go with it, including a job search. I'm hoping this is something I can do, because working outside the home isn't doable right now.

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I also swing from hot to cold. I am super sensitive to the ambient temp being too hot by even a degree. Anything over 65 outside feels like sweltering heat to me but a small draft inside can make me shivering under layers and layers of clothing. For the heat, I try to keep cool (but not cold) drinks with me. I also have ice packs that have velcro straps that allow me to strap them around my midsection to cool my core when I get to hot. I also find an ice pack on the back of my neck cools me down a lot more quickly than other places.

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