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Mestinon Has Cured Me Of Brain Fog!


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I tried Mestinon several months ago, and the effects only lasted a week, so I came off it, but since I tried it again it hasn't. I had to increase the dose after a week but that was it. I hadn't written this earlier because I wanted to be sure the effects wouldn't wear off, but now it’s been 6 weeks and it’s still working.

Before the mestinon, I had terrible concentration, and reading more than a paragraph was impossible. (At first partly due to dizziness, but when that was sorted out with medication I still couldn't read at all because of the mental fatigue).

Now I can read 10 hours a day with no problem. I wouldn’t be able to do serious studying or work, but it’s still a drastic improvement. Strangely it hasn’t helped with the physical fatigue or any other POTS symptoms, just the mental.

Just wanted to say all this in case there’s anyone else who has brain fog and concentration problems, who hasn’t considered Mestinon.

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Thanks for posting this. I have a prescription for Mestinon, but still haven't gotten around to trying it. Brain fog is one of my worst problems, so if it helps even a little, I'd be thrilled! Will try it again and post the results.

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