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Another episode yesterday

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when of these spells hit. I was out shopping with my daughter and a friend after in the late afternoon, while in the store I could feel the pressure in my neck and head. Kept shopping and went home and right back out to meet my hubby and the rest of the kids to grab a bite to eat. All the way to the restuarant I had the pressure feeling in my head and behind my eyes, tight everywhere. I did not want to let it control me so I kept going, sat down and ordered. My pulse gradually got fast but not as fast as usual,(I assume to the fact that I have been taking the beta blocker in the a.m. and p.m.). I'm sure my b/p was up and my heartrate was going up and down the best I could tell.

After an hour or so it calmed down, with little hits of it for the rest of the night...I was just so dissapointed, I had a stretch of about 15 days without that type of episode and thought maybe, just maybe it would stay away. No such luck!! Of course the night was not filled with restfull sleep and this a.m. I am fighting the feeling of dread and leftover adrenaline.

I feel bad, many here suffer much worse with their POTS, and here I go whining and feeling bad for myself with my "don't know what type of dysautonomia I have..blues").

The day is filled with lots of running around with the kids so it's time to pull myself together and shake it off!!

Thanks for listening or rather for reading the rambling!

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It really is a rollercoaster ride. Over the years, it's become easier for me to "ride it out"...but I still have moments at the bottom where I wonder if I'll ever pop back up again. My closest friends (yes, this includes some of you guys out there) usually are the ones to remind me that in the past, I've always gotten at least a little better.

Hang in there. Nina

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I never know when my episodes are going to hit or why either. At least 95% of the time, I'm not even stressed or doing anything and kapow. So I can't even relate it to stress. I have absolutely no idea of what kind I've got. I think mostly baroreflex failure just based on my BP, but I think I overlap a lot, as do most of us I suppose. I gave up trying to figure it all out and felt much better, at least emotionally. I felt as long as my doctor believed me and the people who love me believe, it doesn't matter to me what type it is. (I did attempt several times to find out, don't get me wrong, I just got rejected everywhere) Take it easy and take care of yourself. Give yourself a little time to recoop. Sorry it knocked the wind out of your sails, but hopefully you won't have another episode for a long time, or ever. morgan

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