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Tomato Juice For Sodium

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I read on this board earlier that some people drink tomato juice for their hydration because it has a lot of sodium. So, today after a catered meeting, I noticed some cans of tomato juice leftover (they had been hidden by water bottles). I tried it, and it was good so I of course looked at the nutrition info to see what all was in it. Tomato PASTE, water and salt. That's it. So of course, being as frugal as I am and a bit of a "why buy it if I can make it" kind of gal, I googled and found several recipes for DIY tomato juice from tomato paste. Just 1 part (can) to 4 parts (cans) water and a little salt (here's where we could customize it to get our individual salt needs taken care of, or use sea salt or pink salt, whatever). Turns out it costs approximately 1/4 the price of commercially packaged tomato juice. It's like those little cans of orange juice concentrate, lol.

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