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A Pots Overview For Doctors In The U.k.

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I just found this on a search. I hope the link works. I got this computer last year and still can't work out how to link things properly. If it doesn't work and you are interested you could try typing the whole thing in, I guess.

I found it a fairly comprehensive overview of POTS. Not sure how recent. But maybe, if one has no access to a pots doc this might help. Good for newbies, maybe. Or people like me that are not at all medically trained and have problems keeping the basics in mind. Those members that are qualified might find the info deficient or perhaps incorrect in some places. I wouldn't know.

It did explain a few things to me that I did not understand.

www.potsuk.org/.../MPIL2_Medical_professionals_guide_to_POTSJW.p... or you will find it on the potsuk.org site.

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