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medical bracelet


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Hi, there is a section in the "help yourself" post pinned at the top of this forum that lists where to buy medical bracelts.

Here are the most common links:

Medic Alert


Lauren's Hope (stylish bracelets):


Personally, I have a Medic Alert account and my tag is from there, and I purchased the bracelet portion from Lauren's Hope. Once I figured out how it was made, I made a bunch of different ones to match my likes.


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You're quite welcome. Also, if you are short of cash, you can actually buy the medical tags at many drug stores--they are stainless steel. You can then take it to any jeweler for inscription. Before I had the money for Medic Alert, who maintains a full medical record with all my emergency contacts, docotrs names and numbers, and medication w/ doseages, and diagnoses, I had a drug store bracelet, and it said "see emergency info in wallet"...and I kept my own info folded in there on paper; I would print out a new one whenever I had a med change or doctor change.

I like Medic Alert because I don't have to worry about carrying a purse, like at the beach or other places where it might get stollen if I'm not constantly watching. Also, I like that I can update my file by either calling their 800# or online.

When I started making my own bracelets, I called Medic Alert and asked if I could just order an engraved tag wtihout a bracelet--they gave me a great discount--I think they charged me under 20$ for just a tag.


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Oh, sorry I missed your question :) yesterday. I must have been posting while you were and missed it.

Anyway, mine reads:

Drug Allergies, Autonomic Dysfunction, Asthma

The bracelet then has a statement: "call collect ########"

As a member of Medic Alert, they have 24 hour service that answers the phone and gives EMS and ER's my info based on my member number which is engraved on the tag also. It does give me a sense of relief to know I can go anywhere, including overseas and still have my full medical file available without me carrying a huge, heavy file on my person.

I looked it up today, just for info for folks here--the first year is 35$ and then it's 20$ every year thereafter. Also, they now make prettier bracelets that look alot like the ones I make for myself.


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I just wanted to thank all of you for this information. I just orderd a medic alert bracelet. I have been very uncomfortable about being able to communicate my needs in an emergency and have wondered about these bracelets, but your posts got me moving on it. I have Autonomic Dysfunction and Postural Tachycardia on it. Thanks for your help!


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