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Head Symptoms

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Lots of posts from me lately ><

In my head I feel really strange, and it feels tight inside on the top like a pressure, but no headache or only a tiny one if that. It makes me feel dizzyish and like im not here properly its awful.

I get ringing in my ears too.

I used to suffer migraines and its a bit like that but on the top of my head.

I am getting a brain MRI for completeness soon hopefully, I dont think I have Chiari as its not a headache at the back of the head or no other symptoms really.

Its just gone away now, I dont get it every day its weird! like its constricting in my brain at the top or something!!

My worst symptoms are head symptoms and shortness of breath i get on and off.

sometimes when I start to feel better when this is happening my face flushes?

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Most of the things I feel are somehow connected to my head. When POTS hit, I was lightheaded and had off/on head pressure. My bad feelings are not all related to being upright. I can have days where my head feels pressurized, and it affects my vision, my ability to really interact with others, my perception of feeling bad, etc. I don't know if that made sense, but I can get up one day and feel fine in my head(normal for my POTSy self) and the next day get up and feel "off" in my head, unrelated to posture.

I do know one thing...posture in uncomfortable positions makes it all worse. I feel like I am cutting off my circulation and the pressure builds above that until it reaches my head. Everywhere I go I have to make sure I am in a perfect sitting situation or I feel really bad.

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I had a sort of similar day, yesterday - my head felt buzzy, fuzzy and sort of removed from stuff -- but not what I call brain fog. Not exactly what you are describing but still a 'head reaction.' I do find that a stressful situation will bring this on and I know it was no coincidence that the night before I had experienced a stressful situation.

I just get so revved up with anxiety or anger or distress that it throws me into that weird 'head space.' I could feel it coming on after the stressful situation had ended, during the night I felt it each time I woke up. And all of yesterday it was markedly worse. I took it very slow yesterday and, knock on wood, although I still have the feeling in my head this morning it's not as bad. I get especially anxious about it as it offer a trigger for breakthrough migraine but so far this has not happened this time, but experience tells me I'm not out of the woods.

Having a too good a time can also bring on this feeling. Too much laughter and excitement can cause it. GRRRRR!

It's like my one part of my autonomic system gets overly revved up and the other part doesn't step in to counteract it. A very unmedical way of putting it, I know. But that's what I feel is happening.

I also experience increased anxiety. I did not get any breathing issues though. Although I have noticed that there are times when I'm conscious of my breath being ragged. On the outbreath I breath out jerkily, no smooth outflow of air, and then I gasp in my next breath. This doesn't happen a lot but it's a newish symptom. I just realized I'm doing the breathing thing right now so maybe it's happening a lot more than I realize but I'm not always aware of it?


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