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back to work ticket from SSI

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hi all,

well I got my "back to work ticket" in the mail yesterday from the socail security office. I was reading that it is voluntary.

But I am curious, if you do not participate in this program, do they hold it against you later on, in your medical review?

My lord, most days I have trouble getting out of bed and functioning, how on earth would I be able to work?? Crazy I tell ya.

So for you that have gotten these, does a review of your case soon follow? I am curious about that.


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Here is some info on the program. It is strictly voluntary.


If you are truly disabled and your doctor backs you, they can't hold your lack of participation against you.

Most people are reviewed every one to three years, or three to five years, or five to seven years. It depends on if your disability if MINE (Medical improvement not expected) or temporary.

The review system is getting more complicated and oppressive, paperwork wise.

Last summer I got the short CDR..followed by nothing for seven months at which time i got the long form CDR forms(continuing disability review) THEN a month after, that a VERY LONG, exhaustive FUNCTION report and disability form. In fifteen years and three reviews, this was the most DEPRESSING ever as they asked questions like "what were your hobbies and lifestyle like prior to illness? and "What are they like now?" ONLY they wanted details of why I could not do said hobbies/work/social life anymore. For those of us that can ONLY THINK in the moment/day, it was a real head trip over the MAJOR IMPACT of a disability. I hate dwelling in self pity and what I can no longer do (sing, ride horses, travel, etc) I think it is CRIMINAL the questions asked but one has to answer them.

Anyway, whatever your review when you face it, you just can't take it personally. It's meant to be a pain.

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