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Recent Change Of Symptoms - Is This Pots?


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Forgive me for my ignorance on this, but I could do with a bit of advice regarding whether a recent change in my symptoms is related to POTS.

I was diagnosed with POTS three years ago, but I've had other problems related to EDS that have been more of a problem for me. I suppose you could say my experience of POTS has been quite mild - difficulty standing for any period of time, but not much other than this. However, I seem to have had a sudden change in symptoms over the last few days. I feel more lightheaded, more breathless (shortness of breath has always been my first 'warning symptom'), dizzy in a vertigo-type way, shaky and weak. I've also had dry eyes on and off during this time. I took my blood pressure just to see if that might have anything to do with it. It's been a little variable, but at its lowest it was 98/51 (whilst sitting). It always used to be no less than about 110/65.

Has anyone else experienced a sustained drop in blood pressure like this, and is this something expected with POTS? I've always thought about blood pressure being fairly independent of POTS - am I wrong about this?

Many thanks


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Hi. Sorry you're having more symptoms these days.

I frequently have periods of sustained low blood pressures and have been having them for the past several weeks, along with a flare of many other symptoms. Sometimes I'll have a few weeks of high (for me) blood pressure as well- although that is less common. I've been diagnosed with POTS and NMH in the past.

Personally I'm attributing this flare of symptoms to the fact that I always get one this time of year when my allergies hit. Between the allergies aggravating the immune system and histamine being a vasodilator, I'm guessing it's just not a happy combo for my already stressed and barely compensating body.

Hope you get some relief soon.

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