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Hey, everyone! I am interested in writing a (semi) fictional novel/novella about a young woman diagnosed with dysautonomia. I'll probably draw a lot from my own experiences, but I don't want this to represent just me. I want it to represent all of us who are suffering with dysautonomia. So I was hoping that you guys would share your stories and experiences- your journey to diagnosis, how long it took you, the ups and downs of life with a chronic illness for you personally, the most difficult part for you of being ill, what relationships have been life during the course of your chronic illness, and something you think absolutely needs to be included to accurately portray life with POTS or another autonomic disorder.

Also, if you could share links for blogs written by people with dysautonomia of any kind. I already follow Bob is Dysautonomia, and also Cranberry Tea Time, but if any of you know of (or write) other blogs about a journey with dysautonomia, please feel free to share them! (Even if they're not currently being added to very much, I'm content with reading the archives.)

If you have anything else to share or contribute that isn't covered in the rest of my post, just chime in. I really want this to be about not just my story, but about all of us. I want to represent our community, not just my own personal journey. Thanks in advance for your time!

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I love Bob is Dysautonomia! Such a good blog.

I love to write too, and have been fiddling with a few stories as of late to pass the time when I'm needing to stop and recuperate.

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