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Hello Everyone,

I feel like a guinea pig... :)

I have my next set of test details through, and shall be off for them early April, so few centres here that I have to wait for ages :)

Autonomic function tests

Plasma noradrenaline, adrenaline and dopamine levels pre and post gravitational stress

24 hour blood pressure/heart rate test

and now for the new ones......

Liquid food challenge test

Modified exercise study

Thermoregulatory sweat test - I'm guessing this is the disposable underwear and orange powder paint test (yuck!)

Does anyone have any ideas on the food and exercise challenge?? (i guess the challenge bit is to make it seem like fun....)

I also have to go and see a new rheumatology professor, to discuss the clamping in my hands and feet, and he is likely to send me for more tests... Anyway generally speaking, after a rough couple of weeks I feel much better today :)

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Guest tearose

Hi Louby!

I just got around to your post, wow, you sure have a full autonomic workup planned. It seems rather complete. You certainly will know a lot when these tests are finished. It is good news to know that in April sometime you will have more pieces of the puzzle figured out. Oh, a suggestion, keep a journal while you are doing all the testing. It will serve as a place you can locate all your questions and personal memories of all those tests. You will want to look back on them someday.

I did all those tests except the food challenge. You'll have to tell us what is was like. Maybe since some people have slow motility problems or that gastropariesis ( non-digesition of food problem,)maybe the food challenge relates to that. Just my guess.

As for the exercise challenge, it sounds like the exercise stress echocardiogram test. If this is what I think it is, you will be strapped with wires and be told to walk on a treadmill for about 20 minutes. They will measure how your body is responding to increasing levels of exercise. It helps the doctors see if you can handle walking, exercise or, if you are deconditioned. They also measure special aspects of your heart, like stroke volume, variations of electrical output, oxygen...etc.

You say you feel better well you do sound so different too! You sound more confident, more sure that you are heading in a good direction. I am so relieved for you. Take good care of yourself. With comfort, tearose

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