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Thoughts On Sitting Posture For Rehabilitation?


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Well it's been a year since my diagnosis and while I've in some ways made a bit of progress, I still deal with symptoms every day. I'm doing exercise, water, diet, etc. All the lifestyle modifications you can do pretty much and I'm wondering if sitting posture plays a role.

I walk every 2 hours for a total of 120 minutes each day, most of it rather dizzy and uncomfortable. But during those 2 hour intervals I usually sit on a low chair (couch type of thing). I'm wondering if I should start spending more of my day sitting "upright" as in on a fairly high chair like an office chair/kitchen chair. When I do that my heart rates are higher of course, as you'd expect; but like with incorporating walking every day - I wonder if being more upright would be helpful for increasing blood volume.

Anyone have experience with this topic?

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As much time as you are walking, you are getting several benefits for your core muscles. However, it sounds like your symptoms are not very well controlled with walking. Have you mentioned this to your doctor? I would continue to do the walking as long as you and your body can tolerate this. If you can add the sitting up with legs down, you will gain some core muscle strength.

In the beginning, my son would sit up on a bench (shower bench) without a back for 1 minute and played on the x-box or wii to keep him distracted. This was gradually increased by a minute each week. However, since his symptoms have progressed, he is not able to to this at all now. He sits in a recliner with his feet elevated due to the pain levels.

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