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Very Intolerant To Sodium And Potassium - Anyone Else Experience This?

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Hi all I have chronic orthostatic intolerance and I seem highly intolerant to sodium and potassium, opposite of what most of you seem to experience.

Took me years to pinpoint the potassium issue but sometimes even if I simply eat a couple bananas for example I will feel ill. Very uncomfortable burning sensations and pain on my hands, neck, head, face to go along with brain fog.

Sometimes I seem too low in sodium and get an energy boost from a small amount, but it's much more easy for me to intake too much to where my standing tolerance is much lower, brain fog and headaches more prominent, shakier in general.

These intolerances combined with food allergies means my diet tends to be very limited. Seemingly all processed food, even the expensive organic healthy brands, has a huge amount of sodium, far too much for me to handle.

Background info: My blood pressure and heart rate are always in the normal range. My biggest intolerances are to eating too much, to heat, and to standing. It varies but generally standing in one place on a hot day is very draining and difficult. In a tilt table test I had a slow gradual dropoff, test stopped when near fainting around 8 minutes if I recall right, without trachycardia. I also have Chiari Malformation, had decompression surgery, supposedly good looking MRI.

If anyone could give any guesses or insight as to my situation, it would be highly appreciated. I don't know what about my physiology is making me opposite to most on the salt/potassium issue, but finding out why could be very helpful.

EDIT: I drink a lot of water, taking a guess of 2 to 4 quarts/liters of water a day.

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Have you considered mast cell issues? I have mcas and when I ingest something that causes me to have a mast cell degranulation, I feel much lime you descibe but I don't necessarily have tachycardia with these episodes. I don't react to sodium and potassium specifically but if I eat a banana (which I'm apparently allergic to in mast cell terms), I feel like I will pass out if I stand too long, flush, skin becomes red and burns, I have cognitive issues, and I vasodilate (the veins in my hands will look like sausages!). It feels very much like one of my pots episodes but as I said ....no tachy.

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