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Type 1 diabetes and POTS

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i became Diabetic the year i was to turn 21 2001 for the last 4 years i have been fighting doctors and sugar levels i had 4 cases of ketoacidtosis well bout a year ago i got a job as a apprentice in a machine shop i was going to get my papers finally i thought december 25 2004 christmas day i was taken to the emergency room i couldnt move called off work i was in the hospital for about a week then released with a Rx for a quad Cane bout a month later my PCP got me a walker with a seat on it after i calapsed in his office after sitting for a bout an hour i went up then down then a couple weeks later i was in a wheelchair and now as of May 1st i am terminated from my dream job and lost my insurance to boot i have no money coming in i have 2 dogs and my perants are supporting me in their house and now both my perants have high blood pressure i just want to go back to work but i cant my job is dangerous for a healthy person let alone some one who can calapse at any time

any suggestions

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greetings from one wolf to another.

i would suggest going over the what helps page on the home screen to begin with. and then begin to try to get your diabeties under control, easier said that done. many of us have made huge diet changes just to be able to function. then of course i would suggest searching the posts for this discussion, i'm sure it has come up before. try seeing a nutritionist, and see if they can give you some ideas of what to eat, many of us have dairy, gluten and several other food allergies that can really knock you for a loop if you aren't careful.

then find a good doc that knows what dysautonomia is and that is the hard part, good docs are few and far between, if you can give us an idea, roughly, where you are mabey someone can point you in the right direction.

best of luck,

black-digging for a shrotcut up-wolf

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