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Just Looking For Insight. Feeling Awful All The Time.

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I was diagnosed with POTS about 3 years ago and just have had a run of bad luck since. 8/12 I was feeling really ill with Stomach problems and was sent to a Gastrointestinal Physician and they discovered HPylori went on a Triple Antibiotic med and was cleared of this but still was feeling ill. I was sent to a Specialist in Louisville who diagnosed me with Spastic Colon and was given Amitriptyline and it truly didn't help me. About a month ago I had another Endoscopy and was diagnosed with SIBO. Went on two antibiotics and still don't feel well. I wakeup with Severe Headaches and Lower back pain. I sweat a lot at Night as well and have noticed Dark Spots like Age spots coming up all on my upper body. I have a lot of floaters as well. I'm just so scared and don't know what I should do. I have to see my GP tom. Does anyone have any advice that I can share with my GP. I'm just so ready to give up. Thanks and God Bless.

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I'm having major gut problems, too, with spasm and nerve-related after shocks. Have you been advised to take probiotics for the SIBO? I know that people do take them and they feel some benefit as the antibiotics kill good gut bacteria as well as the bad. See what your doctor says. A friend's daughter was recently diagnosed and was reluctant to give her little girl the antibiotics and has been trying the probiotics and see how she goes, under doctor for advice, I hasten to add. I've been taking them for IBS because of weird reactions to foods and they seem to be calming my gut down.

The back pain and headaches are related to the gut being upset. I find my pains are worse when my bowel is filling up and I have gas. By calming things down it improves. I have taken lots of anti-spasmodics and now know they make me feel worse. The other symptoms you mention are all linked. My eyes are being affected by the nerve and circulation issues with my gut and make sure you have your eyes checked for pressure problems. I go next week about the pressure in my eyes and I know it's liked to my gut. I have adjusted my diet and cut right down on carbs, no dairy or sugars. Plenty of water throughout the day to keep things moving but don't drink too much all in one go as it can effect the eyes, as can blowing hard and bending forwards too much.

Hope this helps

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