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Waking Up Too Early Or Sleep In

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Hi all

In both cases, I get this horrifying symptom, let a lone many other symptoms. I will try my best to explain this as much as I can; As I said, whether I wake up early or late, I experience this unpleasant feeling where I feel parts of my brain behave as if they are still asleep!

it’s like my brain slows down and shuts off, or becomes dysfunctional, I will be about to put salt in my morning coffee instead of sugar! and I am getting slower and slower (I need an hour to make my bed and change my clothes). Is my Dysautonomia changing to a neurological condition?

Any input will make me feel know that I’m not alone in my foggy moments!

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That's interesting Blobbydodger because 6 hours is kind of the "magic number" for me too. More than that and I'm worthless the next day. I function better on 3 hours of sleep than I do on 8. I rarely ever sleep 8 hours though so it makes me wonder if the days when I do sleep 8-10 hours are because I'm in a flare or my body is already in a situation where it's basically "done" and so it's finally able to sleep that long. Then the long sleep is probably more of a symptom itself than the cause of my other symptoms...if that makes sense?

Tachy- Before I became ill, I could never stand to stay in bed once I woke up. Because of my EDS I had to move my joints as soon as I woke up so I was out of bed within minutes of waking up. Now it literally takes me 30-60 minutes minimum from the time I "wake up" to be alert enough to actually attempt getting out of bed. It takes me at least 30 minutes to get it together enough just to roll over and get my midodrine and fluids down most mornings even though they are right next to my bed. It sounds so dumb because it should be such a simple little task, but it always feels so overwhelming at that point in the day.

You're definitely not alone in the brain fog in the morning department. I find everything takes so much longer to do these days because I'm so slow and have to check and re-check everything to make sure I'm not making stupid mistakes...and then I still make them anyway. I've found that it takes me easily twice as long, or longer, to get ready in the morning as it used to do as well.

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My sleep kinda varies, just depends if I'm in a crash or not. When I got out of the hospital last, I managed to keep a pretty good routine of getting up and medicated by 7, so I could leave my room fully dressed and ready to face the day by 9 or so. Lately though, I've been crashing and sleep has been few and far between, but I'm not getting up before 8:30 or so. I really like to take my meds on a 7am, 11am and no later than 4pm schedule, and with trying to allow my body to rest when it feels it needs to, has this all screwed up.

Today since I had to get up so early, I skipped my middle dose of midodrine and let myself take about a 2hour nap this afternoon, as I didn't get to sleep until 3am this morning with the time change, and was up by 6:30 to start getting ready for church. Felt great, but I can tell my meds are screwed up, and the nice little passing out moment in the bathroom was a reminder of getting that last dose in just a bit off.

I have lots of moments where I feel I should be asleep. Maybe my passing out this evening was a sign, lol.

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How is your blood pressure? When mine was consistently low, I would have a horrible time in the mornings. It would take up to two hours for my brain to feel awake, every morning I was foggy and out of it.

It's gotten quite a bit better since I've been on Florinef, which has helped keep my BP higher. I've also found that cutting out gluten has helped with the brain fog and fuzziness. I feel more clear when I wake up and it's easier to get moving. But, I still have some days where it comes back.

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i'm tired all the time - while often feeling a bit wired, if this makes any sense -- and I feel like I never sleep enough. I get about 6 hours a night now - always broken sleep, occasionally waking once, but usually 2 or 3 times a night. But sleeping longer does not make me feel refreshed. On the occasions it happens I wake with severe migraine, usually.


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