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Today I had my tilt test and failed. I never quite passed out but I was certainly about to, they kindly lowered the table because they gained all the info they needed by the time I was about to drop. I went from 80's supine up into the 140's within 15 minutes. Throughout the test my bp was all over the place. So afterward my EP came in and said well, I think you have POTS! So in addition to the beta blocker I am on(50 mg Metoprolol, down from 100 mg), I was put on low-dose Midrodine to start and he will see me in 4 weeks to follow up and see how I am doing on that.

I am so happy to finally have this acknowledged for what it is, I never got a direct answer from my old EP, the two tilt tests were like night and day (one in office with 2 nurses only, today's in a hospital setting with the doctor present). My old EP called it OI, IST, among other things. It seemed like he was reluctant to call it anything specific. Honestly, I wanted/needed a true diagnosis to know how to proceed with meds and frankly, life.

So, I am hopeful the meds will make a difference and the moral of the story is what it always is: follow your instincts. I spent a lot of time wondering if I was doing the right thing by changing docs but overall, my old one wasn't providing me with the answers I needed, and ultimately kept raising my beta blocker every time I mentioned I was not feeling better; when in all reality, the high dose was making me feel worse. For the first time since July of last year, I actually feel hopeful.

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Glad to hear that you finally have answers. Hope the new medications will help.


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