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Ck (Muscle Enzyme) Levels Question


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I have been having a very rough few months. I was diagnosed with POTS a few years ago and I have good and bad days but for the last few months every day I feel worse and hurt worse. I went to the doctor because my left thigh is totally numb and my right leg keeps giving out on me when walking. After some blood work she found that my liver enzymes were slightly elevated and I had 1 kidney showing abnormal function and my CK (muscle enzyme) test was extremely high. Average is something like 38-243 and mine were 2625 (levels they see with someone having a heart attack) so I was told to rest, rest and rest. No working out at all which was fine with me because I'm so exhausted all I want to do is sleep. Now that my flare up is over my levels are all back to normal. Does POTS cause CK levels to spike that high? My doctor is looking into some sort of muscle disorder but so far they still know nothing. Just curious is other POTSIE people have this problem or if this is something different?

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