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Hi All!

I think this has already been talked about, but I'm not sure. I took a flight to see a new doc last Thursday. While we were taking off, my head felt an extreme pressure downward and I thought I was going to fall out of my seat. I have been dizzy and nauseated to various degrees ever since. The flight back was not as bad, but I had to keep my head pressed against the seat for most of the flight. Is this comparable to the post about the elevator ride? Any ideas on how to get rid of it? Just thinking about it is making me dizzy! Thanks guys...


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Ann, I've flown a lot with pots and I've experienced the feeling you describe only on small planes. It's not so bad on the bigger jets ... and since I'm usually flying Chicago to either the west or east coast, I'm usually OK on the plane (with a lot of gatorade/water and salt tabs and healthy snacks and compression hose). I have felt worse--that funny kind of pressure in my head--on prop planes that are fairly short distance, like American Eagle to Detroit or Columbus or something. What kind were you on?

You'll get better soon; rest and drink up ...

best to you,


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HI Ann

I just flew last week Ontario to B.C. Wasn't good!!! I have avoided flying for the llast 3-4 years due to this. In fact first time I flew in years was to the Mayo. I would send my Family on Vacation without me to avoid it.

Once I knew what track I was on and Life is to short I decided its time to fly again , But I DO NOT LIKE IT... It doesn't matter the size of the plane , although the bigger ones are less bothersome. Take off is the worst. I have similar events to what you describe but , usually end up with trouble breathing , eyes won't stay open , veins disappear ( my arm's become like roadmaps of were my veins were , like little canyons) the ol' facial fasciltations ,droolin' and then out and the pass out part is if I'm lucky. Landing , well its usually not as bad. depends on the plane and descent.

We have taken to warning the airline before I fly so there is no , you know , confusion, and we go on. But its rough. I am moving this summer and instead of flying I am driving. And no not me , I have Friends who have graciously accepted to take their vacation to drive out with us.

These are the Dysautonomic changes in Life, I'm glad though I have a least some Idea because at least I deal with the flying now. No more almost the Whole family vacations.

Up Up UP look out Up away Kite 7

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