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Vision Completely Freaking Me Out


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So for the last month I've been having a pretty bad time due to scary vision issues. I started getting this black spot in the lower outer corner of my left eye, mostly when I stretched or bent over or whatever. Went for an ophthalmic exam and apparently my retina looked fine. They suggested it might be vascular, by which they apparently meant migraine (I'm 22 btw).

Then the following day I started getting this prominent bloodvessel in that part of my eye that just keeps growing. About two weeks ago, the dark spot changed to flashes or sometimes to a dark spot with a bright outline. Now it comes on mostly when my head is bent to the left or when I'm leaning up in bed, but it doesn't always go away instantly anymore.

Also about two weeks ago, my eyes started getting very dry, stingy, light-sensitive and bloodshot. My head and face have been very tender and intermittently numb with all this (I can still feel the area if I touch it though, touch wood). I have started getting other visual disturbances such as pinprick flashes and blue spots. I've had two migraines this month, but both only lasted a few hours and the vision stuff wasn't any worse those days.

My GP (PCP) told me to go back to the eye hospital and they told me to go back to the GP since my retina was okay. A neurosurgeon i haven't met was meant to do a follow-up scan on me for a 1.3cm pineal cyst in August, at the hospital's (where they conducted the initial MRI) suggestion. I never heard anything about it, but I decided to leave it with the assumed knowledge that if I became symptomatic, they would order one pronto. Well, I contacted them a month ago, and no idea when I'll be getting a scan. They guy's secretaries suggested I email him (which I did, no response) because they'd been asking him repeatedly to order it and for some unknown reason he just won't. This is a private hospital.

I went to an optometrist yesterday who said my eyes were extremely inflamed and dry for some reason, particularly the left, and that was probably what was causing the vision problems. But I didn't think dry eye was supposed to produce symptoms like this? I don't know what to do and i'm afraid of losing my sight or having a stroke or something. Has anyone else with dry or inflamed eyes had similar problems? Or has anyone experienced similar problems at all?

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I do get a black spot in my vision on occasion when I have a migraine, so that's not unheard of. But, the big blood vessel in that same place would make me worry too. Have you seen a neuro-ophthalmologist? Their testing is much more extexsive than regular eye testing and being trained in neurology as well, they might be able to narrow what it going on. Also, any possibility of Sjogren's Syndrome?

I do have all sorts of visual disturbances now that I didn't pre-pots....flashes, tracers, floaters. But again, I can link mine to either bad pots days or bad migraine days.

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