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My tremors are back after a long while with out them. It was horrible I was sitting in church on Tuesday evening listening to Bruce Winkelson. When there we go, the jaw starts going for it. As if I am sitting in a fridge. Eventually my left arms started twitching and the electricity was through out my whole body. No imagine having this in church. Anyway since them my body keeps threatening me with these attacks of ours. It has been four days and it won?t leave me alone. What?s up? I know we get these if we are very stressed out. I can?t tell you how happy I am. I love life and have a million reasons to be happy. I know our healthy is a pain in the butt. But that is about all. I have mentioned I am off all medication and trying to fall pregnant. So to be honest I expected this. I would just appreciate some information and opinions on how you experience this, what you understand and what you can do about it. Considering I am not taking any medication. I really want that baby boy so I need to control this.

Thank you ALL :(

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Well I know that ALWAYS controlling your adrenaline helps tons. I'm not just talking about depressed or anxious, but excited, scared, etc. Going to the movies can send me into arrhythmia and tremors so I have to be careful all the time.

Besides that medicine and fluids. Staying in control of all your emotions helps.

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Hi Ling,

I used to get these tremors and twitiching very bad several years ago long before I was dx'd with POTs and just before I was dx'd with celiac. They came back for a brief period last summer but luckily they went away. I know it's really annoying and a very uncomfortable feeling. Like electricity pouring through your body.

Have you ever tried associating them with any changes in diet or food triggers?

Also, possibly the tremors are appearing again since you're off all of your medication? Hopefully it will be short lived as your body adjusts to having no meds. Hang in there and best wishes on your pregnancy. :)


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I get tremors too and I am trying a new approach that is unrelated to my pots.

I am doing some "somatic experiencing" work -- originated by Peter Levine. Take a look at his web site for more information ... www.traumahealing.com

And it doesn't have to be big trauma it could be like an auto-accident or medical procedure. His theory is that some of this stuff gets ttapped in the body and literally we need to 'shake off' some of this frozen energy.

I have his cassette tape series on healing trauma and it's cool stuff.

I know it sounds out there ... not a surprise coming from me ;-) but it's a whole new way to look at my body. Now when I start shaking I say 'bring it on' and I stay really in touch with my body sensations. Which for me is a whole lot better than hating them and trying to stop what it needed to do.

Good luck on your own healing journey.


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My test results basically demonstrated why people get tremors with POTS - particularly after long periods of orthostatic stress.

My adrenaline and noradrenaline levels trebled from around 202 to 454 after being tilted to 45 degrees for twenty minutes. These levels were described to me by my doctor as extremely excessive.

In a nut shell, the sympathetic nervous system - either causing POTS or responding to inappropriate vascular activity in arteries or due to hypovolumia - become overactive to compensate for the lack of blood pressure/volume to the brain.

This results in body tremors, and 90% of the symptoms caused by POTS.

Because our bodies tend to have higher than normal sympathetic nerve activity and heightened noradrenaline levels, we are more prone to excitability, anxiety, migraines and other neuroirritability.

My doctor suggested that all POTS patients are 'wired and tired.'

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