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Pressure Stocking Side Affects?


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I have hyperadgenergic pots. I tried thigh highs per my doctor at the time and had to take them off pretty quick. My bp goes up and when I put them on I began to sweat and my body began to get so tight. Sure enough my bp sky rocketed. It took quite a while for it to go down after I took them off. My one leg game me problems for several days afterwards.

That doctor at the time wanted me to try them again and keep them on longer even with my problems. Even with insurance they cost over $100.00 and I am not going to order them to feel that way.

At the time they knew I had a form of pots but weren't sure if I had hyper, low flow or? I have since been told that these help those with pots but that hyper pots people do not react the same as pots people. I think they help those with low flow, low blood volume. For me the problem is probably the fact that my body over reacts to changes and pushing the blood up caused my body to totally over react and push my bp up further.

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