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Urinary Porphyrins Testing Results Don't Understand

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I got back a test from France today. From what research I did, it's supposed to be very accruate. Right now, I'm trying to figure out what it means. Thought maybe someone on the forum might have had this test done. It comes from Laboratorie de Bologie in Paris France. They sent me a copy of the test result. Here are the results:

* Uroporphyrins I & II 17 Reference Value 10-16

Heptacarboxy Porphyrin 3,5 2,3-4,1

Hexacarboxy porphyrin 0,8 0,3-4,1

Pentacarboxy porphyrin 3,5 1,9-3,5

*Precoproporphyrin 14 3-9

*Coproporphrins I & II 139 70-130

*Total Porphyrinuria 177 87-163

The ones that are starred were flagged in Red on the test. I understand the precoproporphrin has to do with mercury levels but have not figured out the rest of them. I will continue to research online. It looks like Tyler may have problems with metals but don't know how it got there. Has anyone else had a test simular to this?


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I had that same test, and I sent it off through Labcorp. I'm not home right now, but I had a high hepta- or hexa-carboxy. My test for that showed a normal range of like 0-2, and I think I was a 3. I've never had it looked at in depth, but have thought about seeing a Porphyria specialist about it, as I do have some symptoms. I know my POTS is due to something, just don't know what, so who knows if Porphyria is a prospect! I tested myself initially because I had weird symptoms, such as my skin feels like it is under a broiler if I am in the hot sun for just a few minutes. I live in the south, and I've never had this problem my whole life.

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No urinary symptoms. The doctor told us that this test was being ran to detect metal levels.

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