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I keep getting hot


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I can be standing doing the dishes or putting on my compression hose or just simple things and break out into a sweat and just burn up. Does this happen to anyone or am I starting to go thru the change at 40? This is something new thats started happening over the last month or so.

Dan..so glad your okay. You do get the award for the "month".


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I am 22 years old and this happens to me regularly. I will just be standing there and it will hit me all the sudden- I get super hot and just want to jump in a freezer...but it generally passes within a few minutes. If I were you, I would get checked for everything- in fact, I should probably get my thyroid checked just to be on the safe side!! Could just be one of those annoying POTS things too!!

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Yep, I've had this too, and I'm 32. I think - in my case- it is tied to the sympathetic nervous system. Excessive blushing/flushing can be caused by an overactive sympathetic nervous system...I've had instances where I've suddenly felt very hot and flushed for no reason.

It is always a good idea to mention any strange symptoms to your doctor. There are many things that can cause hot flashes, and they should be ruled out.


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A similar thing has happened to me, over the past couple of months I have noticed a change in my symptoms, inappropriate sweating especially at night is one thing, and feeling incredibly hot and flushed during the day (but with no sweating) during the day, as well as going the exact opposite.

I'm 26, and as with Michelle, in my case I'm also fairly sure that this is related to problems with my sympathetic nervous system - the best way to describe it is that my internal thermostat needs mending.

I've been recommended to go for a sweat test by my professor, it's definitely worth discussing any change no matter how small to your Doctor - I've started to keep a diary of everything, so that I can show to my professor next time - in case I'm passing anything of as normal that might actually be related, to the condition.

Wish you the best of luck!

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