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It has been a while since I have been on the forum but I really need some advice. Monday I have an appointment with a new doctor. He (to his credit) says that I know more about POTS than he does so he will follow my lead. I have POTS and fibromyalgia but have not had any medical treatment in a long time because there is no where near me that understands my condition and recently I have lost my health insurance.

In the past I have tried Cymbalta, Lexapro, and Neuraton for pain and depression but all made me more depressed and even suicidal. The neuraton made me gain a lot of weight also. I have tried beta blocks for palpitations but nothing helped and all made me extremely fatigued. What else should I try? My main issues are the pain from my fibro and palpitations when I move too quickly.

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Hi Ginger! Good to see you back here again, although I'm sorry to hear you're still having problems. Have missed seeing you around.

When I was talking to my doc recently he had suggested Lyrica for pain issues. I said I hadn't tolerated Cymbalta and he said that Lyrica was different enough chemically that I might be ok with it. Haven't tried it yet as he also suggested trying some magnesium and curcumin first. Have had some success with those two supplements decreasing some of my pain issues a bit.

I have a friend with fibro who is treated with low dose amitriptyline and has had good success with that decreasing her body aches.

Obviously these are just things you might want to discuss with your doctor to see if they might be helpful in your situation.

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