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Okay! They are similar and sort of the same and both can have various causes. A proper skin biopsy or qsart test will prove small fiber neuropathy including autonomic. Diagnostics are usually based on your symptom presentation. More pain would mean sensory/peri neuropathy/crps, more autonomic symptoms would point you towards autonomic neuropathy with both neuropathies it is called polyneuropathy and you can have all three diagnosis together. I have SFN an my guess is that the CRPS is probably some kind of small fiber neuropathy, not the other way around. Anything is possible though. Your treatment plan will depend on what other diagnostics your doctor will need to do, to see if he can determine cause. These neuropathies are often the result of another illness from diabetes to autoimmune disease.

Time to discuss further with your docs what the potential causes could be and what further testing should be done.

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