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my daughter is having this burning pain on her right side that goes from her chest to her back (pain worse after eating greasy foods) she has had a scope down her belly, cat scan & ultrasound on her gall bladder and hida scan. the lady who did her hida scan said her gal bladder didn't show anything til towards the end of the test. her family dr said her hida scan came back normal. can you have a normal ultrasound and hida scan, but still have gall bladder issues?

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I don't know the answer to your question, but I wanted to comment. Doctors want to see proof of something before they do surgery. It covers them from malpractice.

My first thought is, when these test were done that came back normal, were they done during an episode or no? IOW, how long ago were the tests performed?

If it were me, I would get on top of this pain and make the doctors test me and find the cause. In my case, I flat out told the doctor that my GB was bothering me after fatty meals. After a while, the pain I had was constant. Luckily for me, the sono showed thickening of the walls, though I showed no stones, so I had my GB out and I'm fine.

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