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Chronic Pain Doctors

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I am wondering if it would be worthwhile to see a chronic pain specialist. I worry they will assume since I'm young that I am not worth treating. Anyone have success with these specialists?

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I've seen one before. I don't think age is an issue when it comes to the patients they see. There were all ages where I went. Whether they are helpful or not really depends on the type of pain one has and how good the doc is. A lot of them treat with steriod injections. There can be lots of side effects with steriod shots. I have endocrine issues and the shots caused weight gain and threw my labs off. They do offer other treatment options and there is a nonsteriod one called traumeel which I felt worked for me without the side effects the steriods have.

When I go I try to find a doc with a good rep and do some research on the services they offer a head of time. My experience was it did help with short term pain, but not so much with long term. They also prescribed me an antinflammatory pain patch called the "flector patch". I still use those when I flare up. There expensive, but I think they work well. I plan on using one over my SI joint tonight, as I had a bad fall in a parking lot yesterday. Thankfully I didn't break anything, skinned my fingers and right knee, messed up my back and hip. I'm really achy and stiff today, but it could have been worse. I have a decent chiropractor, so I did see him today and that helped some. A lot of the chiropractors offer medical massage now. My insurance actually covers it, and there is a no tipping policy in most chiropractic offices. It is also more affordable then say a massage envy type of place. I can just go in for the massage part too and not have to get an adjustment. I've used a combination of chiro and pain doctors and that combo works good for me.

Hope you find someone to help you!

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