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Added dental question-- sorry I left it out


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Thank you for the replies. I will follow the suggestions. I forgot to mention a couple of things on this dental post. One is that I have spent over $15,000 on my dental work since 2001. I broke my dental bridge chewing on something hard last week ( I know -- VERY stupid). Are the bridges that fragile? The dentist told me that it will cost about $2,000 for the repair and that I also have a cavity and in addition to this -- I have a filling in my upper right -- the filling has came about 1/2 of the way out and will have to be refilled.

I was told by someone yesterday of a health center that does dental work based on your income. If yall were me, would you pursue this much cheaper method or would you stick to a good dentist. ----- I am not saying the health center dentist is not good -- I honestly don't know anything about them. Have any of you ever heard of a place like this that does it based on your income?

In spite of the large amount of money I have spent on dental -- would you still not consider the false teeth?

I have a brother who has dysautonomia as well. His mouth stays really dry like mine. He live in another state, but his dentist told him that his teeth are rotting and he may as well get false teeth.

thank you in advance for the replies. yall are a big help.

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Dino, all I can say is that you can't put a price on physical health and well being ... it's truly priceless. Dental health is no different. You eat with your mouth and digestion begins there; you chew your food--and you need teeth for that. You kiss, smile, laugh--a healthy smile, freely and un-selfconsciously given, keeps your self esteem high and shows others that you care about yourself and them. I truly hope that you do everything you can to preserve and restore your mouth.



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Dino, I would ask the dentist "if money weren't a factor, what would you suggest".

Also, you might want to consider seeing a periodontist...they're the ones that help keep the mouth health, not necessarily just the teeth--but the surrounding tissues, and may also be able to address your chronic dryness.

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