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Has Anyone Used Eye Plugs For Dry Eye?


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Pretty basic question. I have severe dry eye - not sure how it's related to dysautonomia, but my symptoms started right before I got sick. My eye doc is recommending eye plugs. They go in your tear ducts and keep the tears from draining from your eyes and into your nasal cavity. Just wondering about anyone else's experiences.


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Hi, I tried the plugs & found the results mixed. They certainly helped to reduce dry eyes, but the tears were too much really and my eyes looked liked they were watering all the time. I tried two sets and found the first ones really uncomfortable, but the second set were good. Both sets of plugs I tried were temporary plugs so I could see if they worked for me.

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I tested negative for Sjorgren's too but iffy on lupus. I've had dry eye issues for 3 yrs since getting laser surgery to try and "fix narrow angle problem" but that's a long story. After using lots of Tears Naturale Free (no preservatives, and lots of warm compresses for the clogged mebomian glands (sp) I found drinking fresh home made carrot juice to help with dry eye pain and as a bonus dim vision!!

I get baby carrots to save standing time and made, first in vitamixer (or you could use strong blender IF you dilute with a cup or 2 of water) I now use a juicer.

Please note 1 lb of carrots= a cup straight carrot juice. Due to natural sugar content, I ALWAYS dilute this 2.5 to 3 times. This has helped immensely. I made mistake of wearing water proof mascara on Tgiving and fell asleep without removing well. Eyes bother me ever since. I pitched that type and have not worn eyemakeup since and will not for another month.

If you can handle straight carrot juice from juicer with a blood sugar reaction, more power to you. Drink right away or within 12 hrs, Put fresh juice in small mason jar and fill to TOP with no room for air. Put on lid over sink and put in fridge. I have also been told adding a granny smith apple (Tart apples, sweet apples do NOT HELP) helps you to absorb the nutrients in the carrots better.

THis also helps my dry mouth a bit. However since I wore nasty mascara and bitter cold, I'm back to using compresses the last 3 days. I also need to make sure to drink a lb of carrot juice a day (Diluted, and divided into 2 or 3 doses throughout the day)

Oh, if you use a blender or vitamixer, filter in cheese cloth or even better, a nut milk bag you can get online at Amaz.

THis is a problem I could write a book on. I would NOT do the plugs or the pricey restasis as you are covering the problem. If the carrot juice is helping, you will know within a month or two but then you can sustain it. I make sure to drink juice daily but you may be able to skip a couple days a week in warmer or more humid weather. I can not because my night vision worses (Which affects my ability to see INSIDE the house on dark cloudy days or at night)

My two cents.
Ok a buck and a half!

PS Juice made in a masticating juicer will last 48hrs or 72 hours MAX. but you must store in glass jar or bottle with no space between the lid and the carrot juice. I also add a chunk of ginger for spice and digestion...mileage may vary on that! Just get the carrot juice in your first. If you mix carrots with spinach you may not get the same affect. I DO NOT. I have to drink the carrot juice by itself!!

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