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Tight Chest/gagging Feeling

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I have chest tightness/pressure and tightness in my throat. Actually it starts from the bottom of my sternum/top of stomach and goes to the roof of my mouth. Sometimes I feel sick to my stomach, kind of like when you're really really hungry. So I usually eat something to try to make it better. It doesn't help though.

I have mentioned this to several different doctors over the last year (it's my worst symptom actually) and no one has any answer for it. It is worse when I'm standing, but I do get it when sitting also.

My cardiologist just says that dysautonomia "can cause all kinds of symptoms". My biggest worry is what if it is something else, but I'm just blaming it on the dysautonomia and I'm trying to ignore it???

Something we all wonder about, I suppose.

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Have you been evaluated for a stricture in your esophagus? That is caused by continuous reflux of stomach acid up into your esophagus, I think. A gastroenterologist would use a special instrument to look and see what the porblem is, and to widen the stricture, if there is one.

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